We're Currently Looking For

Mental Health Internship

Fruitful is looking for a mental health student to help develop a curriculum that will equip our fertility mentors with the resources they need to best support those struggling with infertility.

The core values that make up our team


Empathy is at the center of everything we do. We seek to actively listen to those around us, whether that be our users or our coworkers, and try our best to understand their fears, joys and desires. We want to support others at their most vulnerable, helping them feel seen and supported. We don’t assume we know better. We serve with compassion and thoughtfulness. We ask questions to understand.


“Authenticity” is a bit of a buzzword these days, which is a shame because we *actually* care about keeping it real. Platitudes suck and we’re not in the business of sugar coating reality. You’ll never hear us say, “Everything happens for a reason.” We don’t shy away from discomfort and think toxic positivity is barfy. We much prefer telling it like it is even if it’s not pretty, because as J-Lo and Ja Rule famously sang, we’re real.


Evolve or die, ya’ll. We are not afraid of change, technology or creative solutions. No, no, no. We’d rather die than get stuck in our ways or rest on our laurels. In fact, we hate laurels. We’re adaptable. Curious. Strategic. We love testing new ideas and learning as we go. Even if some new ideas don’t work, we’d rather give them the old college try than never go after anything new.


We’re hustlers, baby...a bunch of scrappy, adaptable problem-solvers. If we don’t know the answer to something, we figure it out...whether that be via some super-Googling or phoning a friend. We hate excuses and double-hate laziness. At our core, we are gritty problem solvers who are used to being underestimated and overdelivering each and every time.