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questions & answers

What does a match entail?

Fruitful matches mentors with mentees who share similar stories, diagnoses and values. First, mentors and mentees must fill out an application and then download the Fruitful app to be eligible to be matched. Mentors and mentees are alerted once they are matched and are then free to explore the relationship at their own pace within the Fruitful app.

Who can participate?

Fruitful was made for individuals who have experienced or are currently experiencing infertility firsthand. Infertility is medically defined as being unable to conceive after trying to achieve a pregnancy for one year or longer. Fruitful has the right to accept or deny mentors or mentees at our discretion.

How much does this cost?

For mentees, Fruitful charges a one-time $49.99 application fee. This fee allows us to properly review every single application by-hand to help make the most impactful matches. Mentees will be prompted to pay the fee at the end of the application. For mentors, the application processing fee is waived since they are donating their time to support others.

Be sure to check with your care provider, employer or insurance company to see if they participate in the Friends of Fruitful network to offer this service for free.

Didn’t this used to be free?

Yes; when Fruitful launched in April 2017, it was a free service. However, due to the popularity of the program, we have now instituted a fee for mentees. These funds help us pay our server costs and other administrative costs associated with running the service.

Are all matches one-on-one?

As of now, our priority is creating meaningful, one-on-one connections, however we do offer a forum open to all Fruitful members (both mentors and mentees). In the future, we’ll be offering additional tools and in-person events to provide additional peer support and friendship.

What if I don’t connect with my match?

Our team reads every Fruitful application in great detail and then hand-finalizes each match. So while it might not be immediately clear why you were paired with someone, we encourage you to trust the process and open up with your match. We recommend giving your match a few weeks to connect and bond. That said, if your match does not meet your needs, you may formally request a rematch by contacting Fruitful.

Can guys join Fruitful?

Absolutely! While we're focused initially on helping women who are trying to conceive, we support the needs of all people struggling with infertility. Please note that due to limited mentors, it may take longer to find you a match.

What about privacy?

Fruitful recognizes that infertility is a very private matter. We respect and protect the privacy of all of our mentors and mentees. The information you share with Fruitful is never given to anyone and is only used to make you the best, most relevant match. We clearly label the places in your Fruitful application that may be shared with your future match.

All mentors and mentees are required to sign an extensive confidentiality agreement before registering. Mentors are also required to sign an agreement that states they will not offer medical advice or opinions.

What is the time commitment for mentors?

Volunteering your time to be a mentor is an incredibly generous act. Naturally, each mentee has different emotional needs on their fertility journey, so the specific time commitment of the program varies greatly. While some mentees may require frequent check-ins, some simply may require a bi-weekly check-in of some sort. On average though, mentors should expect to spend about 1-2 hours of mentorship per week.

How do mentees become mentors?

We love watching Fruitful mentees transition to mentors when they are emotionally and physically ready. If you’ve completed your fertility journey and are now ready to become a mentor, please fill out our contact form.

Questions? Feedback?

If you have an additional question or comment that is not outlined in the FAQs, please contact us.