Listen Up: Our Favorite Fertility Podcasts

Podcasts can be a great way to get the information and support you need when dealing with the heartache of infertility. They’re covert, free, oftentimes funny and produced with so much love and energy! Today we’re sharing our favorite fertility podcasts and asking our readers which ones they also can’t live without.

The good news: There are SO MANY high-quality, informative and inspiring fertility-related podcasts out there. Truly. Podcasts have become such a great source of information and an incredible way to build the TTC community. In fact, many podcasts have spun off amazing Facebook groups and online forums and so many other ways to connect. There’s hours of free, helpful content out there…so if you want to deep dive into stories about PCOS or male factor infertility, podcasts have got you covered.

The bad news: There are only so many hours in a day and most of us only have so much emotional endurance to slog through tough-not-always-cheery infertility-related stories.

So how do you know which podcasts are worth your precious (and limited) commuting time?

Below are some of Fruitful’s favorite infertility podcasts and why we think they’re so valuable, informative and entertaining.

Matt and Doree’s Eggscellent Adventure: Doree Shafrir and Matt Mira created this overly personal and humblingly honest podcast documenting their own fertility struggles…from depressing test results to every failure and victory of the IVF process, this podcast is funny and sad and real and raw. And from a production standpoint, Doree and Matt are both podcast and storytelling pros. Matt is a comedy writer and podcast host. Doree is a reporter and author. No wonder their podcast is a total hit! They also have built an incredible TTC community on Facebook (now almost 5,000 members strong), so go ahead and join if you’re feeling a bit isolated in this process.

Beat Infertility: This weekly podcast hosted by Heather shares real stories from women who have struggled with infertility with various outcomes. From PCOS, endometriosis, diminished ovarian reserve, male factor infertility to recurrent miscarriages, this podcast covers the gamut and is helpful for those at the beginning of their journey and those who have been through the ringer. Bonus! I was featured on this podcast last year; check out that episode heresies.



IVFML: IVFML is a Huffington Post podcast hosted by health reporter Anna Almendrala and comedy writer Simon Ganz. Similar to Matt and Doree’s Eggscellent Adventure, the couple shares their own journey towards parenthood with frank humor and tough truths around infertility, miscarriage and IVF.





The Fertility Podcast: Created by fellow fertility warrior Natalie Silverman in 2014, this UK-based podcast is very thorough and tailor-made for people with curvy and bumpy paths to parenthood. The goal? To remind its listeners that they are NOT alone. Natalie interviews a variety of fertility experts, wellbeing coaches, nutritionists and others, including Fruitful co-founder Brad Ash. Definitely worth a listen, whether you live in the UK or elsewhere!


Did we miss a new one? Do you disagree with our list? Let us know in the comments!



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