What to Eat During Each Stage of Your Cycle

There’s a reason people say, “You are what you eat.” Learn which foods will best support your TTC efforts with this special post from our friends at The Bird and The Bee.

Will Certain Foods Affect My Hormones & Help My Fertility?

Yes! But this is a happy yes because there is a proven formula for eating around your cycle to promote fertility, recommended in the clinical as well as acupuncture realm. It’s so awesome, in fact, that we felt it warranted some original food art (and I was channeling Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer).

Let this program guide your food choices by supplementing your natural cycle with what it needs most week by week, and by getting those hormones IN CHECK. Eat for your ovaries, ladies. Go here to learn more about what not to eat, ingest, etc.

Menstruation Week

Eat blood-nourishing foods to replenish blood loss and associated minerals.

Try eating clean meat, fish, black beans, lentils, kelp, beets, dark leafy greens, broccoli, red grapes, cherries, raspberries

Also, make sure to up the ante on the Vitamin C to ensure better absorption of iron.

Try eating citrus, mangoes, cherries, strawberries, potatoes, watercress, tomatoes, cantaloupe, and peas

Pre-Ovulation Week

Eat yin-nourishing foods leading up to ovulation to support the yin phase of your ovulation cycle, and go heavy on the foods rich in Vitamin E to support the developing follicle.

Try eating clean meat, fish, shellfish, eggs, nuts, seeds, cold-pressed oils, whole grains, avocado, organic dairy products, leafy greens

Ovulation Week

Eat foods high in Vitamin B to help with egg release and implantation, and don’t skimp on the zinc, which can assist cell division and progesterone production.

Try eating clean meat, fish, eggs, figs, leafy greens, wheat germ, whole grains

Week Before Your Period / Possible Pregnancy

Eat hot cooked foods like soup, to keep your uterus warm.

Try eating warm, cooked food like soups and broth

Madeline Adamo is a staff writer for The Bird & The Bee, and LA based blogger spreading the wisdom of French parenting and lifestyle. She is a dedicated TTC ally, and promoter of feminine wellness and sisterhood. Madeline attended Mills College in Oakland California, where she studied English Literature via a women’s leadership curriculum, and enjoys holiday decorations, making her own hot sauce and exploring historic down towns with her husband and daughter.
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