Fertility Book Club

Grab a cup of tea or a bucket of popcorn (or both!) and get ready to snuggle up with one of my favorite fertility-related books, movies or podcasts.

There’s no shortage of stellar resources, information and stories when it comes to infertility. But who says they need to be dry or depressing? Below I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorite fertility-related books, movies, and podcasts. Some are purely educational and others are purely entertaining, but all of them provide some kind of value or insight. Hopefully a few of these little media nuggets will provide either information, inspiration or just plain old entertainment for those of us who can’t get enough TTC storytelling.


  1. Taking Charge of Your Fertility, by Toni Weschler: Toni Weschler’s masterpiece “Taking Charge of Your Infertility” is the definitive book for any woman curious about her own body. So much gets left out of 8th grade health class and this book is the perfect companion for those who want to learn more about their fertility and how to track, optimize and learn about it.
  2. The Art of Waiting, by Belle Boggs: Belle Boggs writes beautifully and insightfully about her and her husband’s fertility journey. “We are warned and promised that pregnancy will one day happen,” Boggs shares. The book is filled with reassuring insights about why infertility is so goddamn stressful…and how do we know when it’s time to move on from our babymaking hopes and dreams when we live in a society that glamorizes the “never give up” attitude?
  3. It Starts with the Egg, by Rebecca Fett: As a non-medical writer, Fett does an incredible job of relaying practical, helpful advice to improve egg quality. She lists a variety of supplements to try, things to stay away from and diet suggestions, as well. It’s a great resource for women who are looking to improve their egg quality and learn more about their health.
  4. Conquering Infertility, by Alice Lesch Kelly: Conquering Infertility deals primarily with the emotional struggles of infertility, offering a variety of helpful coping mechanisms for the intense feelings that can arise. It’s a great book to keep revisiting based on how you’re feeling on any given day. Plus, she gives you permission to skip any and all baby showers you’re invited to, so that’s a huge score.
  5. No Mud, No Lotus, by Thich Nhat Hanh: While this book isn’t specifically about fertility, it IS about human suffering and how to get through some of the hardest, saddest times in our lives. I found immense value in this book as we began our second cycle of IVF. The honest words and lofty concepts helped ground me and make me realize that we are all human and we all suffer somehow.


  1. Vegas Baby: This documentary follows a fertility clinic in Las Vegas who hosts a yearly contest, offering one lucky couple a free round of IVF. It’s a real, raw look at how many people struggle with infertility and how finances are unfortunately a major factor when considering fertility options.
  2. Baby Mama: This Tina Fey and Amy Poehler comedy shows how tricky navigating the world of adoption can be. It’s lighthearted and kind of ridiculous but I will never get sick of watching Amy Poehler try to swallow a prenatal vitamin.
  3. Up: Leave it to Pixar to open one on a freaking children’s movie with a seven minute scene centering around an adorable couple who can’t conceive. While the opening scene borders on “wayyyyy too real” it’s nice to see a couple in a Disney movie struggle with infertility. Plus Carl is adorable.
  4. Raising Arizona: This movie takes the funny-yet-kind-of-unsettling joke that most infertile couples make about “baby-napping” and takes it to a whole. New. Level. A couple that wants to have a child decides to snatch a baby instead. It’s the perfect amount funny and real and raw.
  5. Juno: Another comedy about adoption, Juno centers around a quirky high schooler who accidentally gets knocked up and decides to help a sweet, deserving infertile couple. It’s funny, it’s real and it’s a breath of fresh air.


  1. Beat Infertility: Heather Huhman hosts this popular infertility podcast that shares success stories, medical advice and more. It’s the perfect amount structured and casual while also spreading helpful information for anyone struggling with fertility issues.
  2. Matt and Doree’s Eggcellent Adventure: Matt Mira and Doree Shafrir have been trying to have a baby for a while and now they have a podcast to share their crazy, hilarious journey through infertility. Their authenticity, vulnerability and dry sarcasm make this a highly entertaining pod.
  3. Expensive Science Baby: Amee and Christopher Banks share their struggles, hiccups and funny stories on the road to parenthood. They two have incredible chemistry and a positive yet realistic outlook about their struggles. Did I mention they’re also hilarious?
  4. Creating a Family: Creating a Family is a bit broader than the other podcasts listed and discusses both infertility and adoption. Their goal? Spreading unbiased, accurate information about open adoption, foster care adoption, international adoption and so much more.
  5. Death, Sex, Money: While Anna Sale’s WNYC podcast isn’t fertility-specific, it covers a wide range of personal, private, and important topics that people rarely talk about. She’s an inquisitive, endearing interviewer and reporter who covers stories that’ll crack your heart wide open in the best possible way.


What are your favorite fertility-centric books, movies and podcasts? Any obvious ones that I totally missed?

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