The Fertility Holiday Gift Guide

We put together this fertility-friendly gift guide so you can shop confidently for the perfect gift for the fertility warrior in your life. These favorite fertility-centered products and services might be just the things to make your loved one feel a little less alone during the holidays.

The holidays are a notoriously challenging time for anyone dealing with infertility and miscarriage. The combination of prying questions, pregnancy announcements and dinner tables packed with children, can make the holidays hard to bear.

A great way to show solidarity for your friend or loved one going through infertility is to get them a gift showing that you’re there to support them on this long, challenging journey.

We’ve compiled some of our favorite fertility-related products and services in this fertility-friendly gift guide so you can either treat yourself to some much needed self-care or show up for your friend or loved one who might be feeling really down these days.

The Fertility-Friendly Gift Guide


Fruitful Membership, $50

Gifting a Fruitful membership is a great way to show you care about someone’s emotional health as they cope with infertility and child loss.

For $49.99, our team will match your friend or loved one with a fertility mentor based on shared diagnoses, experiences and values. We then connect your friend with one of our mentors via our private app where they receive personal, private one-on-one support from someone who gets it.




myVitro Kit or Caddy, $55 – $195

If your friend is gearing up for a round of IVF, an adorable kit or caddy from myVitro is a fun, helpful splurge that will keep their medications organized and their minds positive as they brace themselves for the joy and glamour of PIO shots.

Think of them like Caboodles, but for fertility meds instead of LipSmackers.






Buzzy Ice Pack, $65

For your friend gearing up for an IUI or IVF cycle, give them this fun, yet also helpful, Buzzy Ice Pack.

This handheld device acts as a massager to naturally and quickly minimize sharp pain (from 50-80%) from fertility injections.





Circle + Bloom Guided Meditations, $15 – $80

Tell any fertility warrior to “just relax” and you’ll probably get a shoe thrown at your head. But relaxation *is* a very important component of dealing with the uncertainty and fear of fertility treatments.

Try gifting your friend (or yourself!) some fertility-specific guided meditations from Circle + Bloom. Even better? Use the code fruitful20 for 20% percent off your purchase.






MyMindBodyBaby Course, $40 – $140

MyMindBodyBaby offers research-based, doctor recommended programs that provide tailored meal plans, exercise programs and mental-well being tools to support you during fertility treatments.

Their guides make A+ gifts for the nutrition-minded and holistic-focused fertility warriors in your life. Use the code FruitfulFertility20 to receive 20% off any myMindBodyBaby fertility support programs.




iFertracker – $109

While most women could really benefit from a wearable ovulation tracker, many don’t because they can be pricey (and there are also a lot to choose from). We recommend iFertrackera smart fertility tracker that works while you sleep to collect over 20,000 data points, ensuring your BBT data is spot-on.

Your info also syncs via their app, automatically creating an easy-to-read graph and sending you notifications about when you should try to conceive. It even syncs with other BBT tracking apps through Apple Health. Easy peasy. Receive $10 off an iFertracker (usually priced at $109) by using the code fruitful at checkout.


What are your favorite fertility-related tools, resources and splurges? Anything special on your wish list this year?

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