5 Ways to Boost Morale at Your House

How’s it going? Are you up to the drink-3-glasses-of-wine-then-sob-in-your-parked-car-in-the-driveway-level of depression yet? We feel you. Here are 5 quick, easy (I SWEAR) things you can do to boost morale at home.

If you’re feeling that life is a bit heavy right now, you are NOT alone. With thousands of people sick and millions of people “social distancing” (a phrase I find as cringeworthy as “moist”), people are feeling overwhelmed and terrified for themselves, their families and their community. 

If you’re like me, you’ve been feeling a bizarre, unprecedented mixture of anxiety, boredom, anger, terror and depression. 

Morale is LOW at our house. Sometimes the idea of doing anything that doesn’t include reheating macaroni and cheese for the 4th day in a row feels massively overwhelming. 

Here are 5 simple things you can do to lift morale at home:


1. Write yourself notes or inspirational quotes. Hang them around the house. Whether they’re meaningful quotes from the Dalai Lama or just funny one-liners from Friends or reminders to yourself, these notes can really help bring some perspective and levity right when you need it most. 


2. Get some fresh air. If possible, try taking a short walk around a non-trafficked area or even just open some windows!


3. Send snail mail. Send letters to your family and friends. Just remember to use a wet paper towel or tape/stickers to seal the envelope.


4. Make a playlist of mood-lifting music. Sing along while getting dressed and preparing for the day. Might I recommend a bit of Lizzo?


5. Create new rituals. Take a walk with your partner or furry friends every morning. Cook a new recipe together. Challenge each other to learn a new language on Duolingo. Find a new podcast you and your partner both enjoy. Discover new, lighthearted activities to try together like crossword puzzles or card games.

What are some things you like to do to put yourself in a better mood when you’re stuck at home?

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