A Message from Fruitful’s CEO

There have been some biggggg changes happening over at Fruitful. Our founder and CEO Elyse Ash shares the reasoning (and excitement) behind two big changes to the way the company runs.

Secret confession: I hate change. I’ve bought the same black v-neck t-shirt from Everlane for the last 6 years and the day MAC stopped selling lip gloss in the color “Boy Bait” was a tragic day for me on a personal level.

Even though I’m not a personal fan of change…I also acknowledge its importance. How can we try new things, improve, learn or grow if we never change?

Today, I’m excited to announce two big changes that we made to Fruitful last week which affects how our mentorship program works and how Fruitful is run as a company.

When we first launched Fruitful back in April 2017, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know if we’d get 4 signups or 104 signups. All I knew was that I wanted to help the TTC community find the support they needed in the form of a “fertility mentor” – a term I sort of just made up to describe the wise, empathetic, hilarious fertility warriors who had been through the journey firsthand and lived to tell the tale.

Today, Fruitful has grown to +4,000 members who live around the world! It has been such an incredible experience to see so many people find value in the service that my husband Brad and I worked so hard to build. It’s been amazing!

Because of the success of Fruitful, we are trying our best to keep improving the service. It takes a lot of time, energy and money to make matches, manage relationships, increase our security efforts and build new features to support the community. That’s why (as of today) we’re making two really big changes to the way Fruitful works:

  1. The Fruitful app: Last week we launched the new Fruitful app! It’s an exciting tool we custom-built for our mentors and mentees to communicate more securely with one another. It’s a chat app that works similarly to iMessage, so we no longer will be sharing email addresses or phone numbers between mentors and mentees. Instead, our members can now chat privately and securely through the app and only share the information they’d like to. Think of it like Bumble but for infertility!
  2. A fee for mentees: Fruitful has been free for mentees since our launch, but the costs and work associated with running the service, keeping sensitive data secure and managing our matches have continued to grow. That’s why after much consideration, we have decided to implement a one-time $49.99 application fee for all new mentees. This fee will allow us to continue running Fruitful, while also being able to build in new features and tools for our community.

Again, change is hard but I am really excited about these two big changes to our platform. Together they will allow us to better manage the matches in our system, protect the identities of our members and help us improve the experience over time to support even more TTC warriors.

To join Fruitful as either a fertility mentor or to get emotional support as a mentee, you can sign up on our website or download the app in the app store.

If you have questions, ideas, thoughts or feedback, shoot ‘em our way. And as always, thanks for helping us build this community. Truly. It is the greatest honor of my life.


With love and appreciation,


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