My Infertility Playlist

Music has a way of creating just the right mood while also articulating complicated feelings. That’s why making an infertility playlist to mirror your thoughts and feelings can be a really cathartic idea!

Sometimes I only feel understood when I’m listening to a really good song. When the volume is loud and my mind is quiet. When I’m on the bus on my way home from work and I really listen to the words and feel the notes. Music is definitely one of my love languages (others include fancy lotions and coffee).

While I was going through IVF treatments and experiencing both manic disappointment and blind hope every single day, I decided to make an infertility playlist. I wanted to make one that wasn’t too depressing but also wasn’t overly cheery. Uplifting at times. Raw at others.

So I started handpicking songs that explore vulnerability, hope and realness. While the songs might be talking about a different topic altogether, when looked at through the lens of infertility, bring about a whole new vibe. (Side note: can you tell my favorite band is The Weepies?)

You can check out the whole playlist below or go listen to it over on Spotify!


Below are some of the songs I first added to the playlist, but it’s evolved quite a bit over time.

  1. Hideaway, The Weepies”Even the stars sometimes fade to gray, sometimes the stars hideaway…”
  2. I Am Not a Robot, Marina & the Diamonds – “It’s ok to say you’ve got a weak spot, you don’t always have to be on top…”
  3. I Think I Need a New Heart, The Magnetic Fields“Time stands still, all I can feel is the time standing still…”
  4. This Tornado Loves You, Neko Case“I have waited with a glacier’s patience…but still you are nowhere, nowhere in sight…”
  5. My Silver Lining, First Aid Kit –  “I try not to hold on to what is gone, I try to do right what is wrong, I try to keep on keeping on…”
  6. Elastic Heart, Sia“You did not break me, I’m still fighting for peace. I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart…”
  7. Break My Stride, Matthew Wilder “Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride, nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no I got to keep on movin’”
  8. XO, Beyonce“Nobody sees what we see, they’re just hopelessly gazing, baby take me…”
  9. Take Me to a Higher Plane, Kate Nash“And I need to get away and I can’t escape, and I was thinking today that I should think about taking my life to a higher plane…”
  10. No Trouble, The Weepies“I don’t need no trouble but it’s plain to see, sometimes trouble needs me…you’re the only trouble I need” (I’d apologize for having two Weepies songs on this list but too much Weepies is not a thing.)
  11. Wetsuit, The Vaccines“We all got old at breakneck speed, slow it down, go easy on me…”
  12. The Eye, Brandi Carlile“You can dance in a hurricane, but only if you’re standing in the eye…”
  13. Learning to Fly, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers“I’m learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings, coming down is the hardest thing…”

Check out my infertility playlist over on Spotify or make your own and share the link below! 

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