Trying to “Just Relax?” Enter Circle + Bloom.

Going through infertility is the 4th most traumatic life event a woman can experience. So if you’re struggling to relax, that’s understandable. There’s no shortage of self-care ideas out there, but one of our favorite resources for reconnecting with your body is the library of curated, fertility-specific meditations by Circle + Bloom.

I’m a worrier. 

I worry about the weather. I worry about traffic. I worry about being sick. I worry about where to park. I worry about the stock market. At any given moment, I’m simultaneously juggling 29 different worries. So as you can imagine, I’m a LOT of fun at parties.

And as you can also imagine, infertility was incredibly challenging for me.

I talk a lot about how infertility is tough for EVERYONE (mostly due to the lack of control, confusing medical terms and ridiculous financial decisions), but how it can be a special brand of torture for those of us with a predisposition for anxiety.

There is SO much to worry about when you’re trying to get pregnant, that the internal monologues you have every day can be downright exhausting. “Is my AMH normal? Is my partner’s sperm healthy? What if we need donor sperm? How much will that cost? What will that process look like? How are we going to afford this? Should I ask my parents for help? Should I start a GoFundMe? What if this doesn’t work? What if this never works? Should I just get another dog instead?”

You see? It’s too dang easy to slip and fall into this spiral of anxiety, fear and worry.

That’s why one of my favorite personal resources for trying to quiet my overactive monkey mind were the calming, curated meditations produced by Circle + Bloom. Meditation and visualization—picturing situations—are powerful tools you can engage to de-stress and take control of your life, which is especially valuable for those of us with…shall we say…overactive imaginations…

Circle + Bloom offers doctor-recommended guided meditation and visualization programs created specifically for those trying to conceive naturally, pursuing IUI or IVF, preparing for a frozen embryo transfer, managing PCOS, exploring egg and embryo donation and so much more. I personally used the frozen embryo transfer meditation and found it to be a great source of peace for my over-anxious mind.



The programs are all under 25 minutes and easy to listen to either daily or whenever you feel you need to quiet your overactive mind. You don’t need any equipment, supplements or medication…just a quiet place to listen and unwind.

The best part? Our friends at Circle + Bloom are offering all Fruitful readers a FREE fertility relaxation right here.

Or if there’s another meditation you’ve got your eyes on, Fruitful readers can receive a 20% discount on ALL their guided meditation and visualization programs. Just click this link and use the code “fruitful20” to get the discount!

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