A New Spin on At-Home Sperm Testing

Did you know that male factor infertility accounts for over 30% of infertility cases? That’s why our friends at Trak created the first FDA approved at-home sperm fertility tracker. Read on to learn how easy (and helpful) it is to test your sperm quality and quantity at home. It’s a serious game-changer!

Getting your sperm tested is a notoriously…uncomfortable…experience. Sitting in an old chair in a random doctor’s office with stacked VHS tapes of porn from 1994…wondering how many dudes sat in this same chair before you…

It’s awkward AF…

Luckily, our friends at Trak realized that this process was…er, less than ideal…and invented a brand new, trusted way to test your sperm from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Trak is the only FDA-approved, at-home fertility test that allows you to test your or your partner’s sperm count and semen volume without needing to mail in samples or go to a clinic. Score!

So, how does it work? 

  1. Collect a sample (aka jack off) into the Trak Semen Volume Cup
  2. Load the sample into the test and attach it to the engine. This spins your semen to isolate and quantify your sperm via centrifugal force (SCIENCE!)
  3. After the 6-minute spin, voila! It’s time to read your sperm count results.


How do do you read your results? For both sperm volume and sperm concentration, Trak follows the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. Sperm concentration is measured into three categories: low, moderate, and optimal. The higher the count, the better your chances at conceiving! An optimal concentration is a result of above 55 M/mL, which equates to optimal fertility and a higher chance of you getting pregnant. A moderate concentration of 15 to 55 M/mL indicates that it may take you longer to conceive. And a low concentration of 15 M/mL or below may indicate that you are at risk for infertility and should consider getting some support.


One of the best parts is that the Trak Engine is reusable. This is clutch since sperm counts can change A LOT with time and lifestyle/diet changes. With Trak, you can test your sperm multiple times and keep tabs on those lil swimmers.

And guess what? Our friends at Trak have offered a great deal to our Fruitful members and followers. To get 10% off your order, use the code “Fruitful10” at checkout. Click this link to learn more! 

Wishing you all the best and brightest sperm possible!

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