iFertracker: Because Temperature Charting is the Worsttttt

Charting your basal body temperature (BBT) is a great way to naturally track your ovulation…except it’s a logistical nightmare. Luckily, our friends at iFertracker have found a way to remove all the terrible parts to get women trying to conceive the ovulation data they need.

There are many terrible aspects of trying to get pregnant. There’s having to field well-meaning questions from oblivious family members (“When are you two having BABIES!?”) There’s the dreaded first day of your period. There’s the late-night, manic Googling sessions to brush up on basic biology.

But one of my most hated parts of the process? Taking my freakin’ temperature every morning to try and track my ovulation.

I know, I know. That sounds like WAY not the worst part of trying to conceive. But to me it was. For two whole years, I woke up every single morning to anxiety and shame…fumbling with a pricey thermometer with half-open eyes. A physical and logistical reminder that not only am I not pregnant, I am also pathetic.

Back up for a sec. A great way (in theory) to track your ovulation cycle naturally is to take your temperature with a BBT (Body Basal Thermometer) thermometer. I say “in theory” because the process is incredibly specific and to track your temperature with accurate results, you have to practically become a scientist, taking your temperature at the same time every morning (regardless of whether it’s a Tuesday or Sunday), writing down the exact number in a notebook or app…oh and if you get up to pee in the middle of the night, it’ll skew your data. And then after all that work, you still have to interpret your results. Ahhh, nothing like waking up every morning to make freakin’ graphs that remind you that no, you probably didn’t get pregnant again this month but your average temperature was 97.52 so yeah…cool data…

Charting my cycle was supposed to give me LESS anxiety around trying to conceive but it ended up making my anxiety SO MUCH WORSE.

That’s why I am so pissed that I went through trying to conceive before all of the amazing charting technology that’s available today. I could have leapfrogged that entire crappy chart-tracking experience if the iFertracker* had been around when I was trying to get pregnant naturally…

iFertracker is a smart fertility tracker that works while you sleep to collect over 20,000 data points, ensuring your BBT data is spot-on. It’s also WAY easier to track via their app which automatically creates an easy to read graph, sends you notifications when you should try to conceive and allows you to export your data to show your doc. It even syncs with other BBT tracking apps through Apple Health. Easy peasy.


The best part? Our friends at iFertracker have offered a really awesome deal to our Fruitful members and followers. To get $10 off your device (usually priced at $109), use the code “fruitful” at checkout, or just click this link to get the discount. Happy charting!

*This post contains affiliate links, which means Fruitful makes a small commission when you click through the link and buy. This is one of the ways that Fruitful supports its team and enables us to keep making awesome updates to our website and experience.

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