no one should go through infertility alone.

Infertility is dark. Be someone's light.

As you know, infertility is a traumatic life event for many women and men. And because talking about it is still taboo, few people feel comfortable opening up to their friends and family. This makes people like you an ideal, empathic ally for those beginning their fertility journey and in need of emotional support.


61% of women going through infertility don't tell their family or friends about this struggle.


Infertility is the 4th most traumatic life event a woman can go through, equivalent to losing her parents.


Studies show that getting fertility treatments is as stressful as undergoing cancer treatments.

Why become a Fruitful mentor?

make a

Individuals beginning their fertility journeys most need an empathetic listener, someone who has been there and knows just how hard the struggle is.

help someone
like you

Millions struggle with infertility, each with their own diagnosis and story. Our program lets you emotionally support individuals who are just like you.

share your

You've learned a lot on your own fertility journey. This gives you a special perspective and valuable insights from which others can truly benefit.

When I heard about Fruitful, I thought, 'Boy, I could have used that!' When we were in the midst of trying to have a child, what I most needed was an outlet of just someone who would listen so I could vent my frustration and stress and to tell me it's was going to be okay whatever happened in the end. I'd love to be able to be that safe space person for some who is struggling like I was.


What makes someone a good mentor?

While it can be hard to predict what will make someone a good fertility mentor, here are common traits among our most successful mentors.



Most importantly, successful mentors have experienced infertility personally. This is medically defined as struggling to conceive for at least one year.



Mentees feel safest when they can open up at their own pace with a patient, open mentor.



Try to remember how you felt when you were first starting your infertility journey.



Actively replying to messages is what makes this service so valuable to mentees.



Successful relationships evolve naturally with both parties greatly respecting one another.



Humble mentors understand that they don't have all the answers and try to just offer their support.

Hope is contagious.

Have you completed your fertility journey? Becoming a mentor to someone just beginning theirs is a deeply satisfying way to give back to the TTC community.